English Checkup

A new service that we offer is an English checkup for digital platforms provided by our studio’s native English speakers. This service is suitable for small and large companies looking to improve the English of their existing platforms as a supplementary service, or for improving microcopy while wireframing and designing user experiences for new projects.

So what does it actually include?

The service includes an English microcopy checkup from a native English speaker on all relevant screens in order to ensure accurate content in terms of correct use of verbs, inflections, and spelling. We can also adapt text to better portray desired actions and intentions, leading to better user experiences.

This is a small supplement that gives your product insurance behind the texts that appear in your digital platforms, ensuring that they are without spelling errors or improper use of language or grammar.

Who is the service relevant for?

The service is relevant for all types of products (B2B and B2C ) written in the English language for all types of companies small and large — whether you do UX/UI work with our studio or not.

The Process

1. Getting to know the product

2. Defining main screens for improvement

3. Checking the microcopy of the screens

4. Receiving a report of recommendation for correction and improvment

Why is it important?

Based on the experience of working on hundreds of projects in the studio, we have often encountered the difficulty that companies have to find investors and promote the platform to interested parties solely out of their intolerance of language errors found in their digital system. The service we provide came from the need in the field, after a number of companies contacted us about the subject following unsuccessful meetings. This is a small but important cost for companies, with a very high financial value since it can drastically improve chances of finding investors and new clients.

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