UX Research

Our user experience (UX) research service puts an emphasis on existing or potential users and helps to refine your system to suit their specific needs.

So what does it actually include?

The service provided by the studio is divided into a number of disciplines and depends on the stage your product is in, its needs, as well as budget. This service can be combined with product UX characterization and design (recommended!) or it can be a separate service.

At the end of the day, you will be able to take the final results of our UX research (including comparison tables and a summary presentation), learn about your product from it, and implement both broad and specific changes in order to provide a better personalized user experience for your product.

UX research services in the studio

1. Preliminary research

* Work plan and content
* User observations
* 1:1 field interviews
* Usability tests / user testing
* User surveys / questionnaires
* Customer feedback analysis

2. The existing system

* Personas
* Key features
* Feature prioritization
* Use cases
* User stories
* Information architecture

3. Expert assessment

* Mapping an existing system
* User testing
* Information accessibility
* Analyzing site analytics
* Page loading speed
* Design uniformity
* Motivation analysis for action
* Navigation systems
* Search Engine
* Mobile user experience
* Examining forms
* Marketing content
* Global support

4. Competitor analysis

* Mapping competitors
* Mapping competitors’ tools and services
* Mapping gaps between the product and competitors
* Comparison of competitors in selected parameters
* Analysis of findings

5. Plans for continuation

* Suggestions for improvement
* Prioritizing findings and recommendations
* Support in the product (UX/UI)

Who is the service relevant for?

The service is relevant for all types of products (B2B or B2C) in all types of companies, large and small, whether you do UX/UI design work with us in the studio or not. We will of course recommend continuing the work by implementing our UX research conclusions by adapting and improving your product’s screens through a redesign we would be happy to provide.

Interested in receiving a checklist document summarizing all the steps of the process? Please contact us and we would be happy to send you a link! Interested in talking and understanding whether such a process is relevant for your product?

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