Nice to meet you! I’m Udi Salant, director of the SalantID studio and a leader in the field of User Experience and Interactions Design

Udi Salant is an expert in digital strategy, user experience (UX) and digital product development — with 20+ years in the field.

Udi advises and accompanies startups, entrepreneurs, high-tech companies and many other organizations in creating a digital strategy, planning, wireframing, and designing digital services and products, applications and websites, e-commerce sites, management systems, as well as monitoring and control systems.

Also, he voluntarily accompanies startups as a mentor in leading technology incubators in Israel such as Impact 8200 (the social incubator of the IDF unit 8200) as well as the Google Global Launch Pad.

Currently, Udi teaches UX courses at the Faculty of Communication at Reichman University (Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center). Before that, he taught for five years (2014-2018) at the Faculty of Design at the Holon Institute of Technology (HIT) where he established the UX specialization track for designers. In the past, he also taught at the Rupin Academic Center (Faculty of Management) and John Bryce College, where he helped develop diverse curricula in areas such as user interface, website UX design, and digital management.

In 2016, he set out on a new path as a freelancer and founded the Salant ID Studio, which currently has about 15 employees. The company specializes in UX wireframing and research services, user interface design of digital systems, and product management. Moreover, the studio provides assistance in recruitment, placement, and outsourcing of employees in these areas and also provides professional workshops for companies and organizations.

Today, Udi Salant invests most of his energy in the studio as a professional manager, working with high-tech companies and startups in a variety of fields such as fintech, cyber security, management systems (SAAS), IoT, robotics, and many more. The studio has had great success assisting in the UX wireframing and UI design of advanced systems in these fields and is always ready for new challenges.


For about four years (2013-2016), Udi Salant managed the product and user experience department of the “Dapei Zahav” (white pages) website in the Zap Group. Throughout his time there, Udi led the site to make some significant leaps forward in their selection of products for businesses, as well as helped make the site more relevant to users looking for business. He also worked to outline a strategy to bring in more users to the site and help businesses using the site via the field of SEO. The result was a growth of tens of percent in site traffic which benefited businesses and advertisers on the website, as well as Zap Group itself.

Before that, Salant worked for about two years (2011-2013) as the person in charge of product management and user experience at the startup Duda, which develops technology for managing websites. The system he designed is used by millions of users every day and was nominated for the prestigious 2014 Webby Awards in the category of Web Services & Applications.

For six years (2005-2011) Salant led the internet and user experience departments at Pelephone, and also managed its website and self-service. Salant specialized in channeling inquiries to the appropriate telephone service center and making independent services available in the digital channel to the company’s customers. With the launch of the iPhone in Israel, Salant managed the product and the UX/UI for an Apple version of their mobile app. Under his management, the Pelephone website won the Israeli Webi Awards not once, not twice — but three times in the categories “communication and mobile” and “people and computers.”

Before that, Salant worked for six years (2000-2006) as senior art director at “Dapei Zahav” where he led the product design team and was responsible for the UX design of their digital product line and web design.


Salant earned his BA in Design and Technological Education (with honors) from Holon Institute of Technology (HIT) in 2000.
In 2012, Salant achieved an MBA specializing in innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology management from Tel Aviv University.

Selected lectures, different angles in the field of user experience (UX) with touches of Product

Introduction to User Experience (UX Fundamentals)
An hour-long lecture (in Hebrew) that introduces the fascinating field of User Experience.
The lecture was delivered by Udi Salant at the Tel Aviv University Faculty of Management as part of the Master’s Degree (MBA) Innovation and Entrepreneurship track.

UX Secrets: Behind the Scenes of the iPhone Launch in Israel
A lecture (in Hebrew) by Udi Salant about the history of mobile apps and the launch of the iPhone in Israel (with an emphasis on the Pelephone company). The lecture was held as part of a meeting of the “Israel User Experience” website.

UXI Live Lecture on UX/UI Professional Development
Is there an efficient and effective way to plan a professional horizon for UX and UI designers within their current role, a team, or an organization? This lecture by Udi Salant is about — a set of methodologies and tools that allows managers to create a road map and manage a personal professional development program for UX and design professionals.

Get to know me better

Udi is originally from Kfar Saba but currently lives in Herzliya with a wife and two redheads — a daughter and son. He’s crazy about cats and he and his family try to help by fostering kittens who need a home, as well as as helping rescue kittens in distress. Besides that, he’s a lover of light adventure sports like mountain biking, and skateboarding, he makes sure to find time for computer games sometime at night, and enjoys watching TV shows, and reading books. As a hobby, Udi founded the website www.sk8r. which became a successful Israeli skateboarding portal.

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אודי סלנט - מומחה UX.UI

I remember my first project like it was yesterday: wireframing and designing an app for Palm Pilot devices back in 1998. Since then…

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