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Featured Projects

We are proud to present our featured projects, all of which are complex systems with unique challenges which require exploration and deep understanding into new area of UX/UI design at the highest level.

Herzliya Today website

מתוך פורטפוליו הלקוחות בסטודיו: sk8r הוא פורטל תוכן…


The most successful oil deposit in the world…


Checkmarx operates in the hot field of application…


התרגום ארוך מדי לשמירה Playform – is an…


התרגום ארוך מדי לשמירה Skillset offers a smart…


BlueRibbon develops a SAAS-based management product that allows…

Reality Races

Reality Races, a British-Israeli real-time racing startup, has…


Safe-T is a cyber protection company that develops…

Dan Hotels

The LINK Hotel in Tel Aviv is a…


התרגום ארוך מדי לשמירה The platform of Reach…


The Israeli startup Proggio is developing a project…


FARMER is great news for farmers, and even…


Navin specializes in indoor and outdoor navigation and…


Albar, from the Elezara Group, is a leading…


The Tipalti company’s product is a platform for…

Our Services

UX Research

To gain product and market insights

UX Design

Including concept ideation and wireframing

User / Usability Testing

To assess UX concepts before UI design

UI Design

Pixel-perfect, cutting-edge design

UX/UI Outsourcing Services

To help companies find their best match


For product teams and entrepreneurs

We’re proud of our specialization in complex systems —
including management platforms, dashboards, and complex systems for desktop and mobile.

UX Research

With the help of preliminary research, we’re able to gain an in-depth understanding of a platform’s requirements and its users and their needs. Moreover, we conduct market research in order to understand solutions that already exist on the market, as well as solutions from other fields that can be relevant and applied to specific projects.

UX Design

A significant milestone in the design process comes after the research stage where we begin the UX characterization process. This includes defining personas, user stories, use cases, and mapping key features and informational architecture. Then we process all these requirements and needs into wireframes which help us understand how the user will interact with and perform actions within an interface.

User Testing

User testing allows us to validate the quality of the user experience and measure the ease of use of a new system at a relatively early stage before investing in detailed UI design and development. We conduct these tests one-on-one, with the tester examining, documenting, and analyzing a user’s actions and reactions in order to reduce pain points and improve usability. The tests focus on elements of navigation, call to action buttons, a user’s ability to complete tasks, prioritization of improvements, and information hierarchy.

UI Design

After the UX characterization process, we continue to design the main screens. At this stage, the baton is passed from UX to UI design. The UI design process involves visual research and formulating the graphic concept of the interface – including choice of colors, fonts, photos, illustrations, and more. At a later stage, quality analysis (QA) is carried out with the development team to ensure that the implementation matches the design with high accuracy.

UX/UI Outsourcing

Today, companies and organizations often experience difficulty in finding quality and professional candidates suitable for a position. We believe that accurate placement and professional responsibility are a winning combination, and we offer the option to recruiting and outsourcing quality candidates who we help place in clients’ offices. Even after placement at clients’ offices, we continue to provide professional support to outsourced employees – thus helping the client gain UX/UI management services at the highest attainable level.

UX Mentoring

We help product teams and entrepreneurs map out and understand the current state of their products, their market environment, and the requirements for their product to try and solve user experience difficulties or pain points. The mentoring process includes a two-hour meeting or a series of meetings, and throughout the process we manage to quickly and efficiently refine a product’s strengths, define points for improvement, and action items to help actualize goals and develop a quality digital product. By the end of the session, participants gain a focused direction and a set of tools to help improve and enhance their product according to their existing resources.

Our Team 

Our multi-talented team of UX and UI designers, product designers, UX researchers, and UX writers has grown to around 14 employees. We work with a large number of companies on a variety of projects ranging from lone projects to working with clients on several products at different stages of development. Our team’s ability to multitask and work dynamically gives us a broad ability to enrich every project based on the extensive knowledge and experience we have gained. Moreover, most of our team comes from a background in design, with bachelor’s degrees from well-known design institutions in Israel and around the world.

Udi Salant

UX/UI design lead with over 20 years of experience


UI Designer


UX Designer


Product Designer


Product Designer


Product Designer (over 20 years of experience)


Product Designer (over 15 years of experience)


UX Designer


UX Researcher


UX Designer (over 20 years of experience)


Product Designer


Product Designer


Product Designer


Product Designer


Product Designer


Office Manager

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