Imagen.AI – Photo Editing That’s Out of This World

We got to know the company Imagen.AI at the end of 2021, when they contacted us with a request to characterize and redesign their existing system. Their very interesting product is a smart system that learns the user, in this case photo editors, and produces edited catalogs based on its familiarity with any given photo editor. This is an add-on to Adobe Light-Room software. In order to teach the algorithm the required knowledge, editors upload about 5,000 edited photos into the system, and the system in turn learns the user’s personal editing style and creates unique profiles that can be used immediately on a large number of existing catalogs.

The process in which we accompanied the project was different in nature from most of the projects we work on, as it combined the characterization and the design in a parallel process, based on the limitations of our clients and the understanding of what is best for the current case. In a process that lasted for about six months, and in a very intensive way (including bi-weekly meetings, close work with the entrepreneurs, and an orderly design of the various pages of the system) we created an upgraded system with additional features that were not there before, and allowed the users an easy, convenient and optimized user experience .

The new system was launched in June 2022 and encouraging and supportive feedback has already begun to arrive. Our customers’ success is our success, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed!


Want to read a bit about ImagenAI? Visit their website!

On the right is the old design, on the left is the new
On the right is the old design, on the left is the new

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