Automotive Content Portal

Desktop & Mobile Website Design for a Vehicle Portal

Undoubtedly, the process of buying a new or used car involves a lot of work, research, test drives, and all the headache that comes with a car buyer determining if a car is really right for them. Carz is designed to help car buyers at exactly this stage. Through a sophisticated combination of technology and human experience, Carz presents customers with only the most suitable vehicles — saving them valuable time and energy.

Carz is an innovative website for presenting reviews on vehicles to help its users purchase the most suitable vehicle for them. The website has collected thousands of car reviews from drivers who expressed their experience on the road driving a variety of vehicles. All of the opinions presented are from real drivers in the field. They gathered data on how much the cars were worth, how often their owners visited the garage, how much fuel the car consumes, and more. In the end, Carz takes this data, analyzes it, and presents it to their users to help inform their car buying decision.

We at the studio accompanied the project in the UX characterization and UI design, helping present relevant details for client in the listings page, as well as improving the search results page with all the vehicles offered, all while working dynamically with Carz and their requirements for their product.

  • Company: Carz
  • Website:
  • Field of Activity:  Car Industry
  • Project:  UX and UI design of a content portal for desktop and mobile
  • Year: 2016
  • Duration: 5 Weeks

Vehicle’s Page

We worked on the UX and UI design of several pages of the Carz website, starting with the vehicle’s page. This is where you can view the most comprehensive information about a vehicle and get to know its capabilities.

Testimonial Side Panel

We created a testimonials side panel which provides detailed and relevant information about the vehicle you selected, along with any reviews and testimonials about that vehicle from real drivers. Testimonials and reviews are shown to be very influential towards helping customers decide whether or not to purchase a certain vehicle.

Vehicle Safety Side Panel

Here you can view everything related to the safety of the vehicle — including both existing and missing safety systems, the vehicle’s safety score from the Ministry of Transportation, and you can even watch a crash test of the vehicle.

The vehicle specification page allows you to see the vehicle inside and out and to see it in a variety of color options.

The vehicle specification page allows you to see data about the vehicle in a pleasant, easy-to-read and user-friendly manner.

Every vehicle has its advantages and disadvantages and there is nothing like another person’s experience with the vehicle via testimonials and reviews.

The vehicle specification page also allows you to view tips posted by the professionals working with the Carz.

What exactly did we do?

UX Research

Analysis of competitor products in the vehicle market and an in-depth analysis of all personas using the site

UX Wireframing

Wireframing of the vehicle page, side panels, and the search results page for both desktop and mobile.

UI Design

Designing the final UI for the wireframes for both desktop and mobile