Advanced & Effective Cognitive Training

mockup Effectivate

A Platform for Exercises & Games for Brain Training

Effectivate is a unique, installation-free brain training software for desktop or tablet which helps train the brain with unique exercises along with direct monitoring of a user’s progress, along with individual adaptation to best benefit users. Intended for users from three years old and on, Effectivate provides fun, daily training sessions of about 14 minutes which help strengthen memory and cognition.
Effectivate’s system combines leading technologies and original forms of training developed with the support of researchers and therapists, thereby taking cognitive training a step further and producing advanced and effective training.
The system was developed based on the latest research in the field of neuropsychology which found that the brain’s ability to develop and learn is not limited by age. Every healthy person can upgrade their memory, cognitive ability, and thus greatly improve their quality of life.
  • Company: Effectivate
  • Field of Activity: Brain training
  • Website: www.effectivate.co.il
  • Project: A platform with exercises and games that enables brain training in a pleasant, professional and challenging way – with the help of dedicated cognitive training that contributes to improved memory and cognitive abilities in users.
  • Year: 2019
  • Duration: About 4 months

“My Travel Bag” Page

This is an area on the site where users can view the entire journey they have taken on the platform and view the lessons and knowledge they have accumulated along the way.

Main Dashboard

The page is divided into several sections, each of which promotes the possibility of progressing within the platform with clickable elements which lead users to new lessons.

Payment Screen

Users have the option to pay under a variety of conditions and there is a convenient display of credit card usage.

Suggested Plans Popup

This popup presents the plan options for users as well as what’s included in each of them.

Video Log

Users can watch, track, and re-watch various video lessons they have completed, as well as track where they left off in any given video.

Awards and Gamification to Promote Progress

The system uses gamification and some extrinsic motivational tools like awards to promote motivation for success.

What exactly did we do?

UX Wireframing

Characterization of system screens on two central platforms: desktop and tablet

UI Design

Creating a new design concept suitable for the target audience and system requirements

User testing

Testing of main scenarios with existing users and improving the characteristic and design response accordingly

Support the development team

Ongoing work with the development team and providing design solutions to support various resolutions