A Smart System for Purchasing Vehicles

Streamlining and Improving the Online Car Financing and Purchase Processes

Fuse Autotech is a financial management system that brings together online and physical technologies for an end-to-end customer experience. The company provides an application that streamlines vehicle transactions, reduces sales costs, and maximizes profits. In a combination of artificial intelligence, technological integration, and automation, fuse provides an easy, convenient and simple process.
The platform allows car dealerships to provide a simple and effective process of financing transactions for the purchase of a car and thus make more transactions.
  • Company: Fuse Autotech
  • Field of Activity: Automotive Finance Management System
  • Website: fuseautotech.com
  • Project: A platform for financing and purchasing vehicles for car dealerships
  • Year: 2021-2022
  • Duration: Support throughout the entire product life cycle

Existing Services List

The tablet screen shows the products available in the system. Clicking on a product provides full details about each of them. On the right side you can see the “shopping list” of the add-ons, with a convenient and easy to understand form. This screen is the third step in a four step process using a wizard.

Leasing a Car

User can see a list of loans they applied for in order to pay for car leasing and examine the status of each of them.

Gathering User Details

The payment process is carried out in a convenient and accessible way where users can edit an address, enter additional details such as a driver’s license, etc. In order to make it easier for the user, the pages are accompanied by a progress bar and tracking of the “shopping basket” of the add-ons in the system.

Editing the Rental Contract

The rental contract can be drawn up with the various companies according to the selected transaction.

What exactly did we do?

UX Research

Analysis of competitor products in the automotive and financing market and analysis of user needs in the existing system

UX Wireframing

Characterization of system screens for desktop and tablet

UI Design

A new design concept and the design of all the screens of the new system accordingly

Design System

Building a Design System, a dynamic system of components that allows for uniformity and efficiency in further work.