Artificial Intelligence Based Solutions for Transport Management Organizations

Rekor’s SaaS Platform

Rekor is a company using AI to collect, connect, and organizes the world’s mobility data to deliver revolutionary roadway intelligence. The system collects a large amount of information from various sources such as vehicles, road cameras, road sensors, past events, events taking place on the road, and of course the weather forecast, in order to process it and provide insights that will enable traffic management and the safety of road travelers.
The system is able to predict where accidents may occur in the near future and thus allows authorities to prepare ahead of time, manage the traffic, and hopefully prevent the next accident.
  • Company: Rekor
  • Field of Activity: Information Technology & Services
  • Website:
  • Project: Artificial intelligence based solutions for transport management organizations
  • Year: 2020
  • Duration: Support throughout the entire product life cycle 

Map screen

Users can view the map with all events marked on it, along with an indication of the category of the event.

Creating an Event

Users can open a call in the system and detail an event, including the details of the vehicles that were involved in it.

Side panel for the map filtering

By using filtering, users can easily determine which layers they would like to be displayed on the map in order to produce an information hierarchy that is convenient for them to use.

מה בדיוק עשינו…

UX Wireframing

Updating the existing system screens and characterizing new screens according to user needs

UI Design

New design concept and adaptation to the existing and new system screens

Design System

Building a Design System, a dynamic system of components that allows for uniformity and efficiency in further work.