Creation & Conversion of Documents & Contracts into a Digital Signature

A System for Creating and Converting Documents into a Digital Signature

The platform of Reach (formerly Seegnature) enables a simple and effective remote interaction between a customer and a company representative in order to increase the percentage of closing transactions, shorten processes, and eliminate the need for physical meetings.
The solution developed in the company addresses both self-service processes and real-time remote processes between a company representative and customers. The system is quick to implement and provides a solution for the editing and co-signing of documents remotely and in real time, verification of the customer’s identity (including a unique solution that meets the requirements of the Money Laundering Prohibition Law), screen sharing, uploading related documents, video calling, documenting the process and transferring payment, without the need to download an app or computer software.
Reach was chosen by Deךoitte as one of the six most prominent start-ups in 2017 in the field of fintech, and  they won a year ago in the Insurtech competition of insurance giant AXA with a prize of one millions dollars.
In 2017, the company won first place in Isracard’s startup competition and began working with 4 of the 5 leading insurance companies in Israel within 5 months of launch.
  • Company: Reach (former Seegnature)
  • Field of Activity: Fin-tech
  • Website:
  • Project: A system for creating and converting documents and contracts to a digital signature
  • Year: 2016
  • Duration: 3 months

Upload files for signature

In a process of three fairly simple steps separated by three separate numbered tabs, documents can be uploaded for signature and sent to those who need to sign them.

Management of the recipients of the file for signature

Users can manage the order of signatures as needed and send it to everyone together or as gradual signature steps.

Defining mandatory documents

The user can define documents that are mandatory according to their needs.

We started the project by designing a one-pager website for Reach according to the language of the presentation we received.

The goal was to create a legible and clear page that presents the company’s capabilities, its field of activity, and a glimpse at the new product that had just been launched.

What exactly did we do?

UX Research

Analysis of existing solutions in the field

UX Wireframing

Characterization of system screens on two central platforms: desktop and tablet

UI Design

A new design concept and the design of all screens of the new system accordingly

Design System

Building a Design System, a dynamic system of components that allows for uniformity and efficiency in further work