A system for SMB for cyber protection from vulnerabilities in internet marketing campaigns

Desktop & Mobile Platform to Protect Marketing Campaigns

CHEQ develops systems that protect marketing and sales systems, websites, online trade and data against bots, fake users and fraud. CHEQ’s platform is used by over 50,000 websites worldwide. The company aims to triple its activity during the year 2022 in the main markets in which it operates: North America, Europe and Southeast Asia.

CHEQ’s ClickCease system blocks harmful traffic from clicking on Google ads, sees Facebook ads in real time, and ensures that no damage is done to the user’s advertising budget. The system blocks competitors, brand haters, bots, click errors and click farms.

The monitoring includes all paid traffic sources, and includes ads from Google, Meta, Instagram, Bing (Microsoft), YouTube and Messenger.

Selected articles:

In February 2022, the startup raised $150 million at a valuation of over a billion dollars.
Thus it became a unicorn and joined a distinguished list of unicorns born in 2022.

  • Company: CHEQ
  • Field of Activity: Cyber Security
  • Website: cheq.ai
  • Project: A desktop and mobile platform for cyber protection against vulnerabilities in internet marketing campaigns
  • Year: 2021-2022
  • Duration: Support throughout the entire product life cycle


The system allows you to manage several products from CHEQ. Switching between the products is done using the side navigation panel. The main dashboard of the Paid Marketing product is displayed on the screen. The dashboard is an analytical dashboard and presents data and performance of a specific domain or for all domains together, and also contains data such as amount of clicks, types of threats, campaign management, and more.

Integrations screen

To activate the protection systems, users must first connect to one or more of the campaign management or analytics systems. The screen also allows the connection to receive a status for each integration performed. This is reflected in the connection and management of various platforms such as Google, Meta, Microsoft and LinkedIn to the product.

Settings screen

The account settings screen is divided into five categories using horizontal tabs. In this example, you can see the billing tab which allows management and editing of a user’s account. This includes payment details, programs, logos, data management, and more.

What exactly did we do?

UX Research

Competitor analysis of products in the cyber security market plus a user needs analysis of the existing system

UX Wireframing

Characterization and UX design of system screens for desktop and tablet resolutions

UI Design

Created a new design concept and completed the design of all the screens of the new system

Design System

Building a Design System, a dynamic system of components that allow uniformity and efficiency in further design work