A System for Improving Performance and Lowering Costs in Cloud Data Platforms

With NVL.IO’s Powerful System, Managing Cloud-Based Databases is a No-Brainer

The NVL.AI system changes the way organizations think about their investments in the cloud, and empowers IT and finance leaders to drive change and save resources. Through the system it is possible to manage various database analysis tools and provide a forecast for expected expenses in systems where the cost of use depends on the amount of data and volume used.
The system has four main advantages – it allows you to get a complete picture while identifying and mapping costs between departments, users and tools; it shows smart recommendations for savings that are easy to follow; it includes a forecast for analyzing total costs of parameters such as data and volume of use; and it creates synchronization between IT and finance teams.
  • Company: NVL.AI
  • Field of Activity: Cloud Cost Optimization
  • Website: NVL.AI
  • Project: A system for managing and analyzing databases
  • Year: 2022
  • Duration: 4 months


On this page you can see the problems that exist and the solutions that are proposed to solve them, including the costs and progress status in solving them.

Support Page

This modal makes it possible to open a request for a fault with the option of detailing it, and linking it to a specific platform.

Table of platforms

An interactive control table that provides data on all platforms in the system, with filter and tracking options.

What exactly did we do?

UX Research

Competitor market analysis in the field of money management and databases plus a user needs analysis for existing users of the system

UX Wireframing

Characterization and UX design of system screens for both desktop and tablet screen resolutions

UI Design

A new design concept and complete UI design of all the screens of the new system