Artificial Intelligence Image Processing Services for Photographers

An Application for Automatic Image Processing Based on Artificial Intelligence

ImagenAI is an automated image editing tool in the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom workspace.
The smart algorithm learns a user’s personal editing style based on pre-edited photos and creates unique profiles that can be instantly used on a large number of existing catalogs. Using neural networks, the platform takes photos before editing, and by using various parameters and metadata from catalogs, it creates a profile that is adapted to each editor and photographer.
Selected articles:
  • Company: ImagenAI
  • Field of Activity: Smart Photo Editing
  • Website:
  • Project: A smart system for editing image files
  • Year: 2021-2022
  • Duration: 8 Months

Login Screen

When first logging in to ImagenAI, users need to verify their email address using a code sent to their email inbox. Progress is made automatically upon completion of entering the access code.

Profile Page

The profile page shows usage status, catalogs opened by the user, the status of processes, as well as a total of images processed using ImagenAI.

Project Creation Process > Upload Modal

As part of the project creation process, users must choose which image libraries the changes will apply to.

Inviting Friends to Use ImagenAI

As part of the UX/UI process, a screen was designed that allows users to invite friends (new users) to the ImagenAI application. The screen also shows the status of orders sent as well as the display of credits following orders that have been fulfilled.

Projects Page

The project page shows a list of projects created by ImagenAI users. Using tabs at the top of the screen, the list was divided into three subsections — new, active and archived. The table uses an elongated card display with a clear indication regarding the stage at which each project is (using the stepper component).

What exactly did we do?

UX Research

Analysis of parallel products in the photo editing and photography market, plus analysis of the needs of the users of the existing system

UX Wireframing

UX design of system screens on two central platforms: desktop and tablet

UI Design

A new design concept and the design of all screens of the new system accordingly

Design System

Building a Design System, a dynamic system of components that allows for uniformity and efficiency in further work.