UX/UI of an Internal Management System at Isracard

Designing an Internal Organizational Knowledge Management System for Isracard

Isracard is an Israeli company that offers financial services, including issuing credit cards, authorization services, loans, credit solutions and flexible payment options. As part of the Premium Express subsidiary, Isracard issues and authorizes American Express brand cards in Israel.

In this project, we worked on the company’s internal knowledge-management system, which all company employees use during their work, from customer service to lenders and credit products. This is a massive system that mainly emphasizes instructions on how to properly interact with customers. When we approached to work on the project there was a system in use, but it was massive and heavy. We worked on the home page and pages of different types of products to help users learn how to perform processes correctly. In this project, we worked with a new marketing branding language and we had to figure out how to express it in the system.

  • Company: Isracard
  • Field of Activity: credit cards
  • Website: isracard.co.il
  • Project: UX/UI of an internal management system 
  • Year: 2022
  • Duration: 2 months

Home Screen

The home screen is a dynamic screen with banners that can be changed and scheduled, such as celebrating an employee’s birthday.

Training Screen for the Representative

This screen shows the voice response flow that a customer goes through when contacting the hotline.

Services Page

The screen details to Isracard employees all the different services available in the system and the options for responding to customers according to the existing tools – including voice response, secure website, marketing website, application and contact us options. Each action has an explanation of how to perform it.

What exactly did we do?

UX Wireframing

Working with organized files brought by the client into characterization screens

UI Design

Creating an innovative and user-friendly game design with colors, fonts, images, illustrations and more

Work with the development

Responding to answers and mutual dialogue to adapt the design to the development limitations