A Platform to Promote Digital Urban Renewal

Bringing the Process of Urban Renewal to the Forefront

Welcome by Gindi is a portal from the brothers Manor and Kafir Gindi (Gindi TLV) whose goal is to fundamentally change the field of urban renewal, using an innovative platform that aims to speed up processes, incorporate easily, maintain complete transparency in the process, and serve as a reliable and independent tool for tenants. The system helps tenants easily access all the required players in the field – and it creates a unique, competitive process in which the lawyers and entrepreneurs fight for the apartment owners and not the other way around.
We at the studio took part in the initial phase of formulating the idea, through characterizing and designing screens, and throughout the product’s life. In February 2023, the product was launched for the first time as a pilot in the city of Rehovot and since then it has been gaining many customers who take part in the innovative digital system. We are working closely and there is more to wait for. Beyond the client-side system that we worked on both for desktop and mobile screens, we also created a CRM system for the platform to manage all users and provide advanced tools for their correct and ongoing management.
  • Company: Welcome by Gindi
  • Field of Activity: Urban renewal
  • Website: welcomebygindi.com
  • Project: Urban renewal management system
  • Year: 2021-2023
  • Duration: Two and a half years
System screens


In order to register for the system, users must register with their phone number and receive a verification code, not with a username and password as was the custom in the past. We opted for a clean design with light touches of color and a layout which delineates the actions of the page into a central popup.

Creating a project

Users have to fill in dry details that do not require them to inquire or think. This is done in order to advance them further in the process in the smoothest way. Users fill in the details in a wizard and progress through them until the end of the process.

Document Management

On this screen, the building’s representative can monitor the uploading of the required documents, monitor apartment owners who do not do what is required and delay the process, as well as to send reminders.

Concepts tested…

After the UX process, Gindi’s internal branding process for the new venture had not yet begun. Because of that, we were asked to expand the design process to create different directions for the user interface of the system. With the help of the variety of concepts that were designed, it was possible to start a branding process focused on the project that included a uniform language for the system, the marketing materials, and the website.

What exactly did we do?

UX Research

Analysis of competitor products in the field of urban renewal plus an in-depth analysis of all of the different personas in the system

UX Wireframing

Wirframing of system screens for two platforms: the B2C client system (desktop and mobile) and the CRM operational system (desktop)

UI Design

Creation of a variety of design concepts, the selection of one of them, and the design of all client system screens for desktop and mobile according to the selected design

Design System

Building a Design System — a dynamic system of components which allows for uniformity and efficiency in further design work

Project Management and Developer Handoff

Worked closely with the development team, which included both task management and their prioritization, as well as delivering final designs in an organized way