A Digital Marketing System that Provides a Comprehensive Solution for Online Advertising and Marketing Campaigns

Innovative Design for the Central Dashboard in the System

Skai is a digital marketing platform that enables brands to gain insights, reach decisions, and make strategic moves that will lead to higher quality, faster and more accurate marketing campaign results.

The Skai platform includes a suite of data-driven products which provide market intelligence, multi-channel media activation, as well as campaign performance testing and measurement. This makes it possible for product, research, and marketing teams to accurately plan strategies and profit from multi-channel launches. Skai’s suite of tools offered allows users to consolidate data and helps companies better understand their customers in real time.

We approached this project after the company’s internal team was unable to come up with satisfactory and innovative concepts and asked us to help them get new perspectives and provide ideas that significantly deviate from the existing product. After designing the concepts, the current concept was chosen, which was a combination of several concepts together which went through refinements until it was ready to be handed over to the development team.

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  • Company: Skai (formerly Kenshoo)
  • Field of Activity: Digital Marketing
  • Website: skai.io
  • Project: Central management dashboard design
  • Year: 2022
  • Duration: 2 months
Concepts tested…
What exactly did we do?

UI Design

We designed a central dashboard in the system based on wireframes, in a way that reflects the brand language and existing components, but makes sure to create a new, unique and fresh visual language in the new gateway to the platform.

Preparation of materials for the development team

We organized and arranged all the designed screens and materials in accordance with the development requirements, while creating multiple resolutions, error states and empty state scenarios

Accompanying the development teams

After handing off the designs to the development team, we provided answers and additional references needed from the development team, including comprehensive references to the behavior of the interface in different situations.