Let There be Water! Crafting the UX Design of a Dashboard and Mobile App for Strauss Water’s New “Smart” Water Bar

Crafting the UX Design of a Dashboard for the Strauss Water National Control Team and an Application for Their End Users

Strauss Water specializes in tasty, high-quality, purified drinking water solutions. The company develops, manufactures, and markets environmentally friendly devices that provide hot, cold, and carbonated drinking water to various countries in the world. Among its technological developments is the groundbreaking MAZE purification technology which removes pollutants and dirt from the water while preserving essential minerals. Strauss Water is a global brand operating in many countries in the world including Israel, China and England. In Israel, the company operates under the brand of its product line Tami4, a water bar which was chosen as one of the top 100 brands in Israel.

The challenge in this project was emphasizing Strauss Water’s transition to using IoT (Internet of Things) interfaces, meaning that for the first time, Strauss water bars were connected to the Internet and began to provide information on usage data and enable data analysis of a significant magnitude, as well as providing tools for users to control their water bar remotely. This project is actually divided into two different projects, each of which has its own challenges. The first is the accessibility of dashboard usage data for data and analytics people. The second is the accessibility of the water bars and daily use for the users of the water bars. We characterized the dashboard from the initial stage, and as for the end-users, we added new features to their existing application and dealt with usability problems that arose from the users themselves.
Selected articles (in Hebrew):
  • Company: Strauss Water
  • Field of Activity: Water Bars
  • Website: tami4.co.il
  • Projects:
    a. UX for Dashboard  for the national control team
    b. Consumer application
  • Year: 2020
  • Duration: 4 months
What exactly did we do?

UX research

Analyzed competitor products in the water bar market, as well as analyzed the needs of system users given new capabilities of connecting to the water bar device.

UX Wireframing

Completed a UX redesign of the first version. Characterized improved system screens, including additional capabilities and features. while focusing on the end user. Advanced characterization of dashboards for organization users in a desktop and control room environment.

Preparation of documents for development teams

Working closely with the development teams, preparing functional documents based on the characterization and design for the benefit of the developers.