Respond Quickly to Security Threats

Designing and Upgrading a System in Dark Theme and Building a Design System

Siemplify is a security management platform that allows cyber teams to quickly respond to security threats. Dealing with the ever-increasing threats in the cyber world requires a diverse combination of solutions in order to provide secure platforms which cannot be hacked. Siemplify’s solution enables the creation of efficient, automatic processes that combine different security tools under one roof.
This way, organizations can analyze and manage cyber threats in real time and point to actual threats to the organization. The system shortens the response time to a breach in the system – starting with identifying the attack quickly in real time through analyzing it with advanced tools and ending with either an automatic or manual fix to the security threat.
Selected articles:
  • Company: Siemplify (Currently under Google Cloud)
  • Field of Activity: Cyber Security
  • Website:
  • Project: Upgrading and redesigning the current system in dark theme plus building a design system
  • Year: 2020
  • Duration: 3 Months
What exactly did we do?

Analysis of the existing situation

Examining the existing design and detailing a list of the system’s components

UI Design

Examining and analyzing competitor systems in the field which use dark theme

Design System

Creating a dynamic system of components in dark theme to allow uniformity and efficiency in any further design work