A System for Project Management of Cosmetics Samples Production

Helping cosmetics companies streamline the sample / tester production process

Expack is a company based in Israel and the Untied States which provides services for producing and packaging cosmetics samples for one of the largest and best-known cosmetic companies on the market.
The goal of this project with Expack was to produce a platform that streamlines this process — where small to large cosmetic companies can work with packaging companies on their campaigns in a simple yet orderly and efficient way. What was once a tiresome process conducted via emails and Excel spreadsheets will become an all-in-one site for managing the process — from asking for a quote to shipment tracking and much more.
  • Company: Expack
  • Field of Activity: Cosmetic Packaging
  • Website: expackusa.com
  • Project: A system for cosmetic companies to manage their sample production process
  • Year: 2022
  • Duration: 4 Months

View campaigns on a timeline

On this screen you can see how various campaigns are displayed along a timeline, with the aim of giving product managers a broad overview of each campaign over time with reference to relevant budget, delivery times, and engagement rate.

Creating a new campaign

On this screen you can see the last step in the process of creating a new campaign where you can set several parameters related to the delivery method. On the right side you can see a pie chart which shows the accumulated data from all the previous steps in the process.

Managing active campaigns

On this screen you can view and manage all active campaigns on a table with relevant data such as the product type, campaign dates, budget, campaign stages, and more.

What exactly did we do?

UX Research

We analyzed market competitors in the field of cosmetics product management, as well as analyzed the needs of the user who are product managers in the beauty industry.

UX/UI Design

We worked quickly using a combined UX/UI work process (at the customer’s request) to create a white label system that can be used for any future customers.