Designing an Application for Editing Videos of Soccer Games

Designing an Application for Editing Videos of Soccer Games

Plaiview is a start-up company in its infancy that operates an application for filming soccer games and editing them in a smart and fast way into a video showing the highlights of the game.

Plaiview’s idea is meant to empower soccer players of all levels, all over the world. The app supports a huge variety of soccer fields, from luxury grass trays with marked lines and nets to dirt street soccer fields with makeshift goalposts and no lines.

How do you do this with the app? Place the phone on a tripod or phone holder, aim at the target, and record the game in full length. The AI system does the rest. The videos can be shared and the game can be edited.

We accompanied this project from its first steps until its launch in February 2023. As part of the project, we worked on the mobile system screens in the design plan, where we created a rich and pleasant experience for the user.

  • Company: Plaiview
  • Website:
  • Field of Activity: Video Edditing
  • Project: Designing an application for editing soccer matches
  • Year: 2022
  • Duration: 8 Months

Login screen – you can create a new game or join a friend’s game by scanning a QR code

You can share a code to add another person to the match which creates another shooting angle

Users receive guided instructions from getting started to choosing the best camera angle and more

Users first calibrate the goal post with the help of AR instructions displayed on the camera display

Users then map out half of the soccer field using markers which can be dragged and dropped

What exactly did we do?

UI Design

We crafted detailed UI design for all of the Plaiview mobile application

Support the development team

We provided a thorough design handoff and ongoing support to Plaiview developers