A Smart System to Improve the Management Experience in Clothing Stores

A Smart System that Helps Organize Clothing Stores in the Most Efficient Way

The Nexite company’s platform connects physical goods in clothing stores with the cloud and provides retailers with an automated in-store technological solution to increase sales and to create a pleasant customer experience. Using real-time data about accessibility and location, Nexite presents an immediate solution for analyzing the customer journey in the store.
The system provides real-time data about customer engagement and about abandonment and conversion rates, and from this the retailers can adjust their merchandise and allocate stock accordingly. The data also makes it possible to produce a visual heat map for mapping the store space and utilizing it in an optimal way.
Selected articles:
  • Company: Nexite
  • Field of Activity: Merchandise Industry
  • Website: nexite.io
  • Project: A smart system for optimizing the management of clothing stores
  • Year: 2022-2023
  • Duration: 10 months + ongoing support

Performance analysis screen

In this screen you can see an overview of the data analysis of products, comparing success indicators (KPI’s) with information on sales amounts, quantities of stock in the store, and sales percentages.

Desired actions screen

The screen shows products and their distribution within various stores in combination with an advanced plotter based on various parameters.

What exactly did we do?

UX Wirframing

Characterization of system screens in two applications (a system for managers and an operational system for stores) for both tablet and desktop devices

UI Design

A new design system and the design of all the screens of the two systems accordingly

Design System

Building a design system for mobile and desktop – a dynamic system of components, fonts, and colors which allow uniformity and efficiency in current and future design work.

Working With a Development Team

Answering questions and providing guidance to developers as part of ongoing weekly meetings